Duluth Pack

I came across a new company to me that does a great selection of vintage style packs. What really caught my eye was the modulated bike pouches/packs. There is a great selection of different sizes for different functions and each component comes in a wide selection of colours. It’s definitely worth checking them out if you’re a cyclist, or just for fun. The above is a Hobo Seat Bike Bag.

Found here

The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool

Created by Full Windsor this bike tool looks like a great purpose built tool that comes in a great looking leather tool roll. A glance at their online store shows that they don’t do many products, which usually means the ones they do, they do really well. Check out the link below for a full list of features. It comes in two different colours of pouch, and would be a great gift for any cycling enthusiast.

Found here


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Fast Pack Friday – TAD Junkies

Here is Nick Chen’s awesome set up of his MultiCam Litespeed. Straight away a few things I notice is the Transporter Tail has been removed and there is an OP1 Admin pouch attached instead. This looks really cool and has even had a square of velcro added to the bottom for a ranger eye (in this case a Hornest logo) which is a really nice modification.

It looks like the ever popular ITS Tactical Skeletonized Bottle Holder which seems to be the go to product of those with a Litespeed. There is a pair of trauma sheers added behind the OP1 with some kind of retaining webbing. There appears to be a few (possibly knife??) pouches attached to left hand side.

The patches include a Motus Coffee House Commando patch which is pretty rare. There is also a Strider Knives patch (hinting at what knife could be in the side pouch) and another Motus patch, a subdued logo patch. A good collection that looks really good on the MultiCam pack. 

Found here

Editor’s Edit: Here’s some details about the pouches on the left, plus I’ve added some photos sent through by Nick. It’s a Buck Strider in the pouch on the side and the trauma sheers holster looks like the third image.

Tasmanian Tiger – Tactical Pack

I found this great shot of a pack on Instagram designed by Tasmanian Tiger/Tasmanian Tactical (it’s a little confusing what they’re called!) No longer confused!! I’ve heard of them before, but not really looked into them much.

They have a wide range of tactical style packs, but seem to have opted for lighter materials to create a lighter pack overall, which would please those who dislike the extra weight that comes from having 1000D or Balistic Cordura packs. They also seem to be reasonably priced, so I think they’re at least worth a look.

This pack has a nice selection of patches, supporting Triple Aught Design, ITS Tactical, Monderno and the good old US of A!

Found here via an ITS Tactical Pin

Anyone with experience of TT Packs let me know what you think?

Editors edit: I’ve updated the link with the original companies website – all the packs should be available there. If you’re outside of the EU, this pack is a TT Trooper Light 22L which should show up somewhere nearby with a quick Google.